Special Events

Grade 9 Graduation

We take opportunity to celebrate the Grade Nine grads’ accomplishments and send them out to continue to influence godly change in their community, their nation and their world. We celebrate graduation at the awards ceremony in June.


All students are recognized for their work during the year with a Certificate of Achievement. This certificate contains the following:

  • Character Awards are given to each student in recognition of an area of personal strength.
  • Academic Awards recognize each student’s area of particular academic strength or passion.
  • Citizenship Awards are for contributions to quality of life at school and for “caring and concern of others without regard for personal recognition.
Track & Field

The Middle school students participate in track and field at Bear Creek Provincial Park in Surrey, BC, with several other Christian School. The Primary students participate in track and field events at our school location. Each student is assigned a color and will play on a team according to the color appointed to them.


Music has a high priority and a well-earned reputation at Cascade Christian School. Children learn about Christian worship, instruction, and witness-through music. The opportunity to teach children to love God through music is a distinct characteristic of music instruction at Cascade. The songs are chosen not only as performance pieces, but also as a means of helping the child’s spiritual development. The worship songs have the aim of expressing to God His character and worth, as appreciated by a child.

Performance opportunities are central to the music program. All students participate fully in one or two all school performance each year. Public performances are seen as opportunities for ministry where God is the primary audience. Excellence in all we do is a natural extension of this philosophy


Each year, the Grade 9 students participate in a mission trip. Every year a different service opportunity experience is selected for the students. In years past, the students have travelled to Mexico or local mission trips. The students are encouraged to be mission-minded, and caring for those around them.


Lunch Made Easy!


After careful consideration of the road conditions and the safety of everyone involved, it has been decided to cancel our Open House this year.
Registration will still open on Monday, January 22 at 8:30am as scheduled. Registration forms are available to print in advance under the admissions tab on this site. Thank you for your support and patience!